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Go Panda!  Introduction

Pandas! Everybody loves these cuddly black and white bears. Hacksaw Gaming continues its trend for unusual takes on the scratch card format as it tasks you to scratch off a pile of 9 pandas in order to reveal the numbers underneath. Find 3 identical numbers and the prize is yours! Prizes start from 0.4x your bet, and reach all the way up to 100,000x!

Also known as the giant panda, the panda is a bear native to China. It is sometimes referred to as "giant panda" to distinguish it from the red panda, another much smaller (if still very cute) Chinese native. The giant panda is famous for its living on a diet of primarily bamboo, but it occasionally indulges in other foods, such as tubers or even meat. In captivity they are fed honey, eggs, fish and fruit as well as specially prepared food.

Go Panda! Game Features

Go Panda! consists of a virtual scratch card featuring the graphic of no less than 9 pandas. You need to scratch off these bears to uncover a total of 9 numbers. To start playing you need to buy your card for the bet amount shown on the bottom. The bet amount is fixed, and as such cannot be changed. Once you buy your ticket you need to start scratching in order to reveal what the pandas are hiding. You can also press the Scratch All button to instantly reveal the numbers. If you match 3 numbers you win the corresponding prize. 

Go Panda! Free Spins and Bonuses

Being a scratch card game Go Panda! has neither free spins nor bonuses. 

Go Panda! Payouts

Winning a prize in Go Panda! requires uncovering 3 matching numbers on the same card. There are 16 prizes in total, which are as follows.

  • 0.4x your bet
  • 1x your bet 
  • 2x your bet
  • 4x your bet 
  • 20x your bet
  • 40x your bet
  • 100x your bet
  • 200x your bet
  • 250x your bet
  • 300x your bet
  • 400x your bet
  • 2,000x your bet
  • 4,000x your bet
  • 5,000x your bet
  • 10,00x your bet
  • 20,000x your bet
  • 100,000x your bet

Go Panda! Graphics and Sound

Like other Hacksaw Gaming scratch card games, Go Panda! features a clean and simple design. The card holds features a bamboo backdrop and, of course, the cute pandas. The bet size is in a white font on the bottom left corner of the card. The Buy and Auto Play buttons are green and easily accessible beneath the card itself. The Auto Play button gives you the option to automatically buy from 10 to 1,000 cards and instantly scratch them, without need to press the buttons yourself. 

Go Panda! Conclusion 

Hacksaw Gaming remains a dependable name in virtual scratch card space and it remains on brand with the combination of cute design and simple gameplay seen in Go Panda!. These games are easy to get into and, in the case of Go Panda!, there's a full retinue of 16 prizes on offer. Play Go Panda! here at Videoslots Casino today!

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.