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Wow, regular symbols can be transformed into wild symbols through alchemy – at least here in the Gold Lab video slot, developed by Quickspin. Here we will be entertained by a goofy chemist who is really into mixing different substances, and to our great surprise, some of the mixes will turn into gold, just as alchemists back in the day hoped. The slot is executed in a cartoonish style, with excellent graphics.  

The game provider behind this title is Quickspin, a Swedish game studio known for its high-quality products. Quickspin continues to create good games one after another, due to its experience and innovative spirit. The games have a trademark of being first class, not just because they look magnificent, but also because of the intriguing gameplay they offer. Along with passion and know-how, a tribute for the players is a major factor which makes Quickspin’s games stand out.  

Gold Lab Main Game

The main game of the Gold Lab video slot consists of five reels and three rows, which make up to 25-paylines. The reels are bordered by a yellow-red background which is laid upon the crazy scientist’s scientific equipment. Our scientist has a stacked up hair and glasses, and his equipment can change almost any matter into gold! The Gold Lab video slot reminds of a cartoon with its colours, all in all the game has a funny and exciting feeling. 

On these alchemist reels of Gold Lab video slot, there are beaker glasses full of different liquids, as well as different kinds of shining gems. These gems will bring you the highest prizes in their red, green and purple form. The beakers themselves are some of the lowest paying symbols in the game, but hold on; there is also another variation of all of these symbols. Golden lines edge the special beakers, and they have a red background. With these symbols, you can reach the bonus round if you land three or more of these symbols on the reels. In the Gold Lab video slot, it is possible to transform regular beakers into golden wild symbols. You will succeed if you land three scatters on the reels. 

In Gold Lab video slot, you can spin the reels and control all the other settings from the interface which is located under the reels. The spin button is located at the lower right corner. You may also choose the auto spin function to determine the number of auto spins for easier game play. 

Gold Lab Theme, graphics, and audio

The Gold Lab video slot has cartoon-like, very well executed graphics. Animations of the game are also executed in a professional manner, and this quality is kept all along even with the background and symbols. The audio of the game is of outstanding class and if you gather a prize or a special feature, the audial landscape will be even more intense. During the basic game, the music is quite peaceful but suits the theme nevertheless. All in all, theme, video, and audio do not let us down. And we did not expect anything else from Quickspin. Such is their proved reputation as a flawless manufacturer of video slots. 

Alchemists throughout the ages have tried to transform other metals into this noble one, but these procedures did not create gold, not matter how hard they tried. Once alchemy was considered to be a real scientific area of chemistry, but nowadays it is considered as a superstition, and rightly so, as the general chemical elements, atoms, cannot be transformed. But here in the Gold Lab video slot alchemy is the word of the day and can be used to grab huge prizes. 

Gold Lab Payout

In Gold Lab video slot there are twenty-five fixed paylines. The most important thing, the bet level is changed easily from the interface of the game. The volatility of Gold Lab video slot is not particularly low, but on the other hand not that high either. What we have here is a medium volatility slot game, which means that you won’t hit the prizes that often, but also, that the prizes you eventually get, are a little higher. At least this is the general outcome on the reels of medium volatility slot. Excitement – as well as risk – will always grow when the volatility of the game rises. This is good to keep in mind while changing the bet size. The largest win this game offers is 413 times the bet. 

Gold Lab video slot has a return-to-player percentage of 96.06%, which is fairly average. 

Gold Lab Bonus game

The Gold Lab video slot is full of different functions, even though its main game is action packed as well. If you, however, are up for some bonus game to entertain your hunt for the prizes, you might want to look   

Gold Lab Free Spins

Gold Lab video slot offers Free Spins in sets of four Free Spins at a time. You will get to enjoy these spins when Golden Bonus feature is activated, this will happen when reels 1, 3 and 5 are hit with three golden bordered scatter symbols. These scatters will activate the other special function of the game as well, meaning the re-spins. 

Gold Lab Special features

As we just mentioned, there is also a re-spin feature in Gold Lab video slot. To activate this feature, you must land scatter symbols once again on the reels. Always, when compatible, meaning golden and non-golden, scatter and basic symbols are landed on the reels, the regular symbols will turn into golden wilds and the player is awarded one re-spin. It is possible to change all the beaker glasses into wild symbols; that’s what we would call real alchemy! 

Battle of Slots

Videoslots has an amazing game selection to offer but also one unique experience that you can only enjoy under the virtual roof of this online casino. We are – of course – talking about Battle of Slots, which gives you a chance to compete against other players and trying to win some of the most attractive prizes.

The magic of alchemy has not completely disappeared from the world; there are loyal followers of this practise around even today. They are still mixing liquids up in search of gold and researching for the Philosopher’s Stone, who knows why? Join us in Gold Lab to see why alchemy is so fascinating and how lucky you are.