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Serpent Shrine Introduction 

Fantasma Games invites to go deep underground, where you will discover a mysterious land that is like nothing you have ever seen! This is the setting of Serpent Shrine, which was uncovered by a group of explorers in an ancient forest. This vast and unknown cavern is illuminated by strange crystals and jealously guarded by serpents determined to stop any wannabe thieves from stealing their treasure. The exploration of this underground wonderland takes place on a 5-reel slot with up to 7 rows, a number one can reach by digging through the blockers above. How do you this? By forming paylines with explosive butterfly wilds, of course! Well, we did tell you this slot takes place in a unique fantasy setting, right?

Serpent Shrine Game Features

Serpent Shrine is a 5-reel slot that starts off with rows in a 2-3-3-3-2 configuration. However, the number of rows can reach a maximum of 7 across all reels when you blow up the blockers seen on top of the slot. To do so you need to form paylines with butterfly wilds. This causes the insect to flutter either straight or diagonally on the grid, clearing 3 random positions on the way. It might also hit one of the 3 glowing blue bombs on rows 1, 3 and 5, which can destroy a whole row or column of blockers. 

After clearing blockers, the butterfly wild sticks on the reels and triggers a respin where, in the case it makes part of another payline, repeats the blocker-destroying process. This continues until either no more butterfly wilds are part of any paylines. In addition, clearing blockers off the reels increases the number of paylines, which starts off at 108 and can reach up to 16,807 when the entire grid is cleared, and is key to triggering the free spins round. 

Serpent Shrine Free Spins and Bonuses 

Dubbed the Snake Free Spins, the free spins round in Serpent Shrine are earned whenever you manage to clear the entire slot of blockers. It consists of 5 free spins, with each spin featuring a multiplier. This starts at 1x on the first spin and reaches up to 100x on spin 5. As the name suggests, Snake Free Spins also involve a, well, snake. This giant beast starts munching on the reels, blocking areas of the reels along the way, until it swallows the entire slot after spin 5, which is when you are returned to the regular starting reels with 2-3-3-3-2 rows. 

That said, any butterfly wilds hit on the reels attack the snake. The first 2 butterflies landed destroy one of the snake's teeth. Land a third butterfly and you kill the snake, activating the Super Free Spins. Here you get 2 free spins on a fully unlocked set of reels with 16,807 paylines. In addition, a 100x multiplier is applied to any wins. 

Serpent Shrine Payouts 

Unsurprisingly, the serpent symbol is the highest paying symbol on the reels, with a full payline earning you 10x your stake. The 3 skeleton symbols follow, with the red skeleton being worth up to 3x and his green and purple fellows 2.5x. The mid pays consist of 3 clumps of crystal, each bringing you up to 1.5x your stake, while the low-paying lamp, scroll and pickaxe are worth 0.75x your bet. Fantasma Games says payouts reaching up to 10,000x the stake are possible!

Serpent Shrine Graphics and Sound

Serpent Shrine is set in a mysterious underground world filled with strange trees, glowing flowers and luminescent rock formations. The slot itself is placed in the middle of the fantastical scene, with reels packed with small but detailed symbols. Look out for the three quirky skeletons! The fireworks start to fly when the butterfly wilds kick in, as these insects flutter around the reels as they blow up the blockers. The biggest sight of all comes when you trigger the free spins. Here a giant snake starts to slowly swallow the slot, until it eventually does, bringing the round to an end! 

Serpent Shrine Conclusion 

Serpent Shrine is truly a unique game, one complete with a fascinating story and interesting mechanics. Who would have thought butterflies would be able to rid a slot of blockers? Clearing all blockers bring about the free spins, with their multipliers and massive serpent! Play Serpent Shrine here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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