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We are introducing a cheeky video slot. With a unique and most likely never-before-used theme, this game will surely be on everyone´s lips. Offering bums, revealing animations, and great graphics, this is certainly a game one will remember. We are presenting Twerk; a video slot brought to you by Endorphina. 

Endorphina is a company based in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, and they were established in 2012. They might be newcomers, but they have quickly grown into one of the most successful companies in their branch of business.

Starting in 2012, Endorphina has already earned themselves a prestigious award at the 2015 Entertainment Arena Expo, held in Romania, where they won the “Product of the year” award. 

The same year, Endorphina signed a deal that would make sure that the company could start a cooperation with 120 of the biggest casino operators on the market, to get their games distributed. This is where their success-story got its big break. 

Playing their games will certainly give you an experience you have never had the chance to get before with their unique themes and features offered. Twerk is the perfect and shining example of just this! Some of the games provided by Endorphina are Fairy Tale, Jetsetter, Geisha, Macarons, and Chimney Sweep

Let´s start.

Twerk main game 

With a heart pumping gameplay for many, and a graphic and design of everyone´s favourite part – this is a game that you will either love or raise your eyebrows for. With a theme of twerking, this is a controversial game that you most definitely haven’t seen before. This is all about bums, more bums, and revealing symbols.

And the symbols are all just that – bums. You have the juicy bums, the pear bums, and the bootylicious bums. But on a serious note. The lower valued symbols of the game are the black bum with purple dazzles, the pink bum, and the jeans bum. These are worth between 12 and 28, with a 3x multiplier. The higher valued symbols are represented by the green jeans bum, the ripped bum, and the gold bum. The gold bum is the top player, granting a win of 400 with a 3x multiplier. 

Apart from these alluring symbols, there are also a few extra ones you need to keep a closer eye on. These are the golden VS symbol, which is the Scatter symbol. The Twerk bum is a high rewarding symbol that can grant you some marvellous wins too. We will reveal more about these shortly! 

Twerk theme, graphics, and music 

Wherever you turn in the mainstream media, you are showered in ideals of big bums, and a perfect pear. The Kardashian family, Nikki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus might have something to with this – some even say that Cyrus started the big trend yet again at one of her concerts. I am, of course, talking about Twerking. 

You know what that is, don’t you? Well, it is a type of dance move to music, in a provocative and sensual manner with hip movements, booty shaking, and low squat stance. Many see as inappropriate – other love it. This dance is what this video slot is all about, and it is a juicy and most entertaining one. 

The design and graphics are very clear, offering its players revealing symbols of bums of all kinds. The game is set inside a dance studio, with the loud music in the backdrop, and the blasting speakers next to the reels. 

The symbols of the bums are even twerking and moving their hips when landing in a winning position, to make the feel of the game even more vibrant. 

It is all about the dance, are you ready to get in there with these fierce booty dancers? 

Twerk payout

What you might not expect from this game, is that it is a 3-reel slot game offering 5 paylines. All prizes come from combinations of a kind. 

Twerk free spins bonus

Twerk offers an interesting bonus and free spins feature, both lingered into each other. 

When landing on three of the golden VS symbol, the free games are triggered, and you are immediately transported to the battle room, this is where the Battle feature takes place and starts off. 

You can now see the rest of the seven dancers, in full body, all dressed in dance-outfits with glitter, gold, neon colours, knee-socks, and minimalistic amounts of fabric. These seven ladies are lined up against a brick wall, just waiting for you to choose your battle dancer. 

Firstly, you choose who will compete in the battle for you. When this is done, a bright spotlight is moving over the ladies, to choose your opponent dancer. The battle is ready to start; the best twerker takes the grand award home! 

When in the free games, you need to land on your dancers’ bum symbol with a winning combination, and if you do – the score goes to you. If the opponents bum creates a win, she gets the point. This is how the rounds are determined, and if your opponent loses, another one takes over. 

You can play up to 5 rounds in the battle before it ends, and a winner is announced. The coin wins in this feature can go sky-high if you manage to twerk it right! 

Twerk special features

Big Win

The very highest top player of the game is the bum with “Twerk” written on the oh so tight golden leggings. When landing on a winning combination of this, you just might land a Big Win of a whopping 5000 coins! 

Battle of Slots

Don’t forget that you can join in on a battle (not a bum-battle) in our exclusive, very first social online casino experience – Battle of Slots. You can play against friends or other players in all our video slots and slots from NetEnt, Thunderkick, and Play´n GO. You do not want to miss out on this thrill! 

We hope that you are ready to join in on the fun of twerking – maybe you will be the next Miley Cyrus? A true twerk-pro that is! Well, if you do have a craving for this, then your chance is waiting for you in Twerk video slot. Best of luck!